“Stress is the number one enemy in public speaking, and that is why we are focussed on it.” (Translated substracts about PPL from Forbes Hungary, published in March 2014)
Our international team of professionals experienced in HR leadership, psychology, medicine and simulation systems worked out the successful mechanism of Professional Presentation Live and Freerunner programs based on the following insights:
  • Professional and private success is unimaginable without effective communication skills.
  • The need for effective presentational knowledge is increasing in almost all walks of life. Participants of the economic, scientific, political and educational - among others - scenes must regularly give client presentations at their workplace, or present their ideas to company leaders, colleagues and conference participants.
  • The extremely huge obstacle to successful communication is stress, an issue that concerns us all.
By keeping the above statements in mind we created our poducts which:
  • Offer a uniquely effective, high-tech solution that's unparalleled on the market.
  • Give an incomparable experience for the participants of the training and a special competitive edge for companies that use it.
  • Are the perfect solutions for running a personalized, company-specific simulation.
  • Provide never-before-seen objectivity for the evaluation of simulations through the use of continuous biofeedback readings.
The development process is based on practical experience gained in numerous countries of three continents.
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