Let us introduce some of the names, who trained excellent champions wih our help.
„I appreciated it very much that I can practice for these occasions in a riskfree environment. I was faced with examples and situations which happen really in real life therefore it prepared me very well for my real situations. Also in terms of applicability I find it a positive fact that you can use it in a wild range within the organization. Lower level people in the hierarchy who are practicing just the beginning part of presentation skills can get the same benefits even high-level leaders who got very high and quality feedback even on their body reactions during the presentations. You might wonder why a finance director is that keen on presentation techniques but I believe that these days without proper communication skills there is no leadership function or job that you can fulfill properly and your impact will be only the quality one if you are prepared well for those situations.”
Peter Konecsni, Finance Director of Unilever in Central and Eastern Europe.
„I was delighted to learn about FreeRunner and to integrate it into our daily operations and day-to-day sales processes in order to excel in channeling information towards our existing and potential clients. FreeRunner helps us to build more business relations and acquire new clients, that’s why I recommended the use of it to my colleagues, so they would also take advantage of this system. We are a leading company, and we want to stay leaders. The best way to continue with our success story is to use FreeRunner, as it gives us confidence in sales channel strategies, and in our day-to-day operations.”
Károly Gerendai, Managing director of Aon’s Hungarian and Croatian cluster
„I’ve worked for multinational companies for more than 20 years. I am fond of PPL, as this system supports my work and helps my clients in selecting the best candidates. Why? This device simulates real-life situations, and we all know how important presentation skills are in today’s world if one’s eager to build a career at an international organization. We can also simulate the so-called stress interviews with PPL, because it is programmed to pose sensitive questions as well. If the candidates can cope with this amount of stress, they will be able to handle stressful situations of the working environment, too. Stress tolerance can be accurately measured with this system.”
George Kobelrausch, international Executive Search Consultant
„We have been using Professional Presentation Live systems for quite a long time. It is an extremely helpful tool to select and evaluate C level candidates and to develop their abilities. Especially giving the fact that many of our candidates work for companies with headquarters in the US, in Western Europe and nowadays even in some parts of Asia. PPL makes our life easier when assessing candidates regarding their presentation skills, but it is also a great tool for those who want to become better presenters by simply performing well, as poor presentation skills make life harder for people.”
Paul Binder, Manager of an Executive Search Company for the Central and Eastern European regions with more than two decades’ experience
„This method can create an atmosphere, a real life atmosphere during the training and the teaching which is very, very helpful. I suppose that this method in the future will be very, very attractive for the higher education as well and also the companies dealing with trainings and further trainings for the managers as well.”
László Vass PhD, Professor, Rector Budapest Metropolitan University
„Our clients like Nestlé, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Nissan, Volkswagen demand this kind of skills. They need to get our information, our ideas very effectively, very briefly. In order to reach the same, my team attended a very professional program called Professional Presentation Live. We use this kind of skills in our daily life, especially in tender presentations where 4, 5 or 6 advertising agencies are competing for one project. In order to reach the same, I think my company uses these presentation skills every day and we are very happy that we attended this program.”
Csaba Kollár, Client Service Director at PopGroup International Advertising Agency