Today, those who achieve peak performance expect their preparation to be assisted with high-tech tools.
The conditions of the training have to be professional.
Today, those who achieve peak performance expect their preparation to be assisted with high-tech tools
How does PPL work?
Virtual reality program offers an uniquely effective, high tech solution that’s unparalleled on the market. Over the course of the virtual reality presentation, the presenter tries winning over the "live" audience and convinces them about him- or herself and thus about his or her product or service.

Based on a 360-degree projection technology, the system is partly controlled by a biofeedback system. The biofeedback solution means that the presenter’s stress levels are continuously measured throughout the entire presentation. In light of the measured values, the participants are taught how to prevent and handle stressful situations that often occur in various parts of the presentation.

During the program we analyse the stress level changes, the content of the communication and the bodylanguage.

Through the simple usage of the simulation system, areas that need to be developed can clearly be pinpointed. These can then be honed to perfection by the participant with the help of his or her instructor in front of a projected virtual audience, without any real risks, yet in a lifelike
For anyone active in the fields of sales. The sales representatives have approximately 1 hour to convince the audience – who will be asking them tough questions – about the strength of their products or services. The program can be easily linked to – among others – the SCA survey.
There are a growing number of companies who choose their partners through a pitch. The decision is often made based upon the way the material is presented and how the candidate is capable of performing under the onslaught of questions.
The number one representative of a company has to give presentations to a growing number of client meetings and conferences and their presentation style has a huge effect on their company and personal career. The preparation for planning sessions, forecast meetings, and financial overviews is greatly assisted if the CEO practices how to handle the kinds of tough questions that usually come up in such occasions.
Tailored for the leaders of ministries, state authorities, mayor offices, as well as various professional and social organizations; learn how to represent standpoints
A professionally prepared candidate is capable of properly displaying his or her knowledge in front of a potential employer; learn how to realistically brand yourself and convincingly present your suitability.